Zombie Invasion Camporee Photo Gallery

Photos from the 2010 Zombie Invasion Camporee, held at Camp Hahobas

Camp Hahobas was converted to an Emergency Zombie Defense Station for the weekend, to act as a refuge from the invading zombies.

Scouts were recruited as military guards, to secure the safe zone of camp, from the infected masses of the outside world.

As the weekend began, scores of civilian Scouts streamed in from the major cities, where the outbreak of the infection was concentrated.

Colonel Dennis Staples (AKA 'Dr. Strange') commanded the guard at the gate.

The military presence was heavy all throughout the weekend.

All refugee Scouts were screened by the medical examiner, prior to gaining entry to the 'safe zone'.

Some were required to produce their top secret clearance to gain access to the zombie cure lab.

Upon the untimely demise of Camp Director Col. Staples,
Sgt. Long assumed military command of the camp.

The next day, recruits were given specialized training in zombie defense, including First Aid techniques.

First Aid training area.

Crews of Scouts were sent out into the mist of Robbins Lake, to set traps for zombies that might approach from the water.

Foam swords were made to assist the patrols in defending themselves from the invading zombies.

Special signaling techniques were taught to the Scouts, to enable them to communicate without tipping off the zombies to their location

Marksmanship with bow & arrow were practiced at the archery range.

Some Patrols were fully embracing the theme of the event.

Riflemen were trained in shooting 'zombie eggs'.

"Mr. Scoutcraft" John Allen was in charge of the knots & lashings training.

Cher "Zombie Queen" Odell instructs a group of Scouts in the art of Twinkie Geocaching.

Lashings were used to build shelters from the zombies.

Some patrols used tarps and logs to build shelters.

If you are hiding in a shelter, a zombie cannot see inside, and you are safe.

Barricades were built to protect the safe zone from zombie invasions.

Ricky 'First Aid' Dodge confers with
John "Zombie Master" Ohlson.

The airdrop at lunch time included MRE's and emergency rations.

Scouts learned to build fires to help ward off the zombies.

The weather was beautiful the entire weekend!

Zombie Queen gives instruction to waiting scouts.

Look who's got a friend!

As night fell on camp, the recruits made their way towards
Sunset Bowl.

Once assembled at Sunset Bowl, the recruits received their final briefing before the zombie hoard breached the perimeter of the safe zone.

Meanwhile, the zombies began preparations of their own...

Several zombies were sighted nearby, approaching from the Hood Canal.

Suddenly, the zombies appeared, and the Scouts made their way towards the safety of their shelters.

Some zombies were not so lucky.

Seeking the safety of their shelters, these scouts prepared to wait the night out.

Other Scouts were not so lucky...  in the opening moments of the battle, scores of humans were infected, and taken prisoner.

Even female zombies were seen roaming the back roads of Camp Twana.

Some particularly hideous zombies were encountered near the Scoutcraft area.

Dr. Strange dispenses a 'Zombie Formula' to a Scout to attempt to find the cure for the zombie infection.

Many different formulas were under development at Dr. Strange's lab.

Armed and dangerous, this team of Scouts headed off for battle.

Teams of Scouts tried desperately to 'find the cure'.

Brains, brains, brains...

Working in teams of swordsmen and zombie cure dispensers, these Scouts tried new techniques to overcome the invasion.

Once infected three times, a human must return to the refugee holding area.>

Some refugees seek the warmth of the campfire, while awaiting their fate, at the hands of their fellow human fighters.

The morning after, many casualties were noted, but the Humans emerged victorious!