Event Overview:

Friday Night Check In: Quarantine and Isolation

The weekend begins at 6:00 PM sharp, with the gates of Camp Thunderbird opened for the select few Troops who have gained clearance to enter. Military personnel will be guarding the gate, to prevent unauthorized visitors (or Zombies) from entering camp.  A 'screening' process will be held at Al Lewis Lodge, where the Scouts will be evaluated for the zombie virus. Once cleared, the Scouts will proceed to their campsites to set up camp.

At 9:00 PM, an 'All Camp' briefing will be held for all youth and adult participants. The details of the weekend's activities will be shared at that time.

Saturday Daytime Event: Zombie Survival Training

The daytime event will consist of learning zombie survival skills, at a various activity stations.  Patrols will be given a 'Zombie Survival Handbook' to assist with their training.  These skills will be used during the evening event, to ward off the approaching zombie hoards.

Saturday Nighttime Event: Zombie Invasion

The nighttime event 'may' feature an Invasion of Zombies.  The shelters, fences, traps and other items built during the day in camp will be used to combat the Zombie Invasion during the evening program.  The invasion will take place at some point during Saturday evening, when the zombie hoards reach the outskirts of Camp Thunderbird. 

Sunday Event: Assessment and Recovery

The survivors are accounted for, casualties and other losses recorded, and a reckoning of who 'won' the invasion will be determined.

WARNING: Due to the intense nature of the event, this Camporee is primarily intended for 11 to 20 year old Scouts and Venturers.   Webelos II Cubs are subject to restrictions

That is all...


More Information:

Q: What do We Wear?
A: White T-Shirts Required for Saturday Night - No Class A Uniforms

Due to the nature of a Zombie Invasion, there will be some fake blood and other substances getting on the Scout's clothes on Saturday night. Each Scout should bring a 'disposable' white T-Shirt, that they won't mind getting stained with 'fake blood'.

Pants or coats worn during the event may get fake blood on them as well, so please don't send the 'nice' stuff to camp this weekend. Painting clothes are appropriate for this event.  We will not be requiring Class A uniforms to be worn during the weekend, so please leave them home.

Official Zombie Invasion Camporee T-Shirts are now available for purchase.  Orders placed now will be shipped to you after the event.

 Q: Will there be event T-Shirts we can purchase?
A: Yes, Zombie Logo T-shirts will be available for purchase for $19, order now, for delivery after the event ends.  Sale ends on Friday, October 25th.

Q: How much do Tickets Cost?
A: Early Bird fee discounts are as follows:
$20.00 per person if paid by August 31st
$25.00 per person if paid by October 15th
$30.00 at the event, if space allows


Q: What about the Firebuilding Kits?
A: Each Patrol is required to bring a one-gallon Ziploc bag, containing enough tinder, kindling and other wood to start a small fire. This will be used to compete at one of the stations, so don't forget this important item. Patrol Leaders are responsible for this item.

Q: Do we need to bring Firewood
If you want to have a campfire at camp in established fire pits, you'll need to bring firewood and carry it to your campsite.

Q: Will the Trading Post be Open?
A: The Trading Post will be open during the afternoon on Saturday.

Q: My Troop is on the waiting list, When will we find out if we are going or not?
A: The event sold out on September 10th, and a waiting list has been established.  We will fill cancellations from the waiting list in the order received, and Troops on the waiting list will be notified when an opening occurs. If you bought more tickets than you need, please ask for a refund prior to October 1st, or you may not receive a full refund.

Q: Why is there a limit of 500 people for this event?
A: The event Committee decided to limit the number of participants to 500 participants (adults & youth) in order to provide a better quality experience for the Scouts, and due to capacity limitations of Camp Thunderbird. This is meant to address issues such as overcrowding at activity stations, missed opportunities to participate due to scheduling issues, and the ability to provide adequate volunteer staff to operate the stations for a group of this size.

Q: What meals do our Troop need to provide?
A: Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast.

Q: Can Cub Scouts Attend?
A: No.  Only Webelos II Cubs who are guests of a Scout Troop Patrol may attend during the day on Saturday only.  Cub Scouts cannot stay overnight at Scout Camporees.

Q: What time does the event start?
A: Check out the Event Schedule.

Q: Is there a Scoutmaster's Handbook for this event?
A: Yes, download the Zombie Invasion II Leader's Guide.