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The Zombie Invasion Camporee

UPDATE 10/15/10: Zombies have been sighted in the south Puget Sound region, and are rumored to be heading towards Tahuya on the Hood Canal.  Scouts are advised to seek shelter at the Hahobas Emergency Zombie Defense Station.  Further information will be provided later at Camp.

News Flash: The Cure has been found, the Humans were victorious!

Read what people are saying about the Zombie Invasion Camporee

Some particularly hideous zombies were encountered near the Scoutcraft area.

Some zombies were not so lucky.

Zombie Invasion - Fall Camporee
October 15 - 17, 2010

Camp Hahobas, Tahuya, WA -
Pacific Harbors Council, Boy Scouts of America.

10/15/10: The Zombie Infection is Spreading From the Midwest

Don't Miss it!The zombies are headed for the last safe haven
in the Northwest: Camp Hahobas!
Will you make it to the safety of camp
before the infection gets YOU?

Casualties are being reported across the nation

Los Angeles has been overcome, Police have pulled out of Central LA...

Zombie Invasion Camporee Patch:

Last updated on January 27, 2014

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Read what people are saying about the Zombie Invasion Camporee

Zombie Invasion Camporee

Zombie Invasion Camporee
Pacific Harbors Council, BSA
Puget Sound District
John Ohlson, Event Co-Chair
Dennis Staples, Event Co-Chair
Cher Odell, Event Co-Chair
John Allen, Event Co-Chair

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